The Talkshop Academy of Arts and Sciences

Five Principles of Emergnz (Transformative Learning).

At The Talkshop Academy of Arts and Sciences, we believe that learning should transform the learner, only then can it be considered deep-learning. Our programs/interventions are aimed at opening minds and stimulating curiosity and creativity. We believe learning should be fun.  The Academy is based on the concept of Emergnz, a word we have coined for our view of learning and understanding. It includes five core principles.

  1. It is learner centric not teacher centric. This means that there are no fixed courses to study, no syllabus to cover. The learner decides what he or she wants to learn. Communication in the classroom is not one way (teacher to student) or even two way…but multi-directional.
  2. Self organized not mass produced.  In the current era of information, the utility of mass produced education is questionable. Most courses of learning have their own progression based on the interest of the group. The one-size-fits-all approach of traditional schools is not enough to address the complexities of modern life.
  3. Experiential not Verbal. Learning cannot be contained in the classroom alone. The feel of sand or soil underfoot; the scent of fresh rain and the pain of a scraped knee are important parts of growing up. The strong emphasis on conceptual learning does not consider that concepts are built on experiences. Computer simulated management games do not tell us the importance of gender in the work place, for example.
  4. Embedded not Disconnected. Effective learning happens when new knowledge interacts with pre-existing knowledge. Yet traditional classroom approach assumes that the student is a tabula rasa. A good learning scenario MUST consider the world of the learner.
  5. All learning is not vocational training. The idea that education/learning is exclusively for employment led to an extremely narrow vision of learning with a focus on “relevant knowledge”. Hence the growth of management education and engineering and the decline of subjects like fine arts and humanities. The objective of learning for us is to awaken curiosity and open minds.


Our programs are diverse in format and in topics. Short programs, called conversations are an excellent introduction to a topic or a different perspective on an existing one. Our tours are field trips where learning from the real world is combined with fun experiences. Our courses offer an opportunity for individuals or groups to explore a topic in a fair amount of depth. The courses offer a lot of freedom for both content and format of the course, which is self managed. To know more about this, click here.

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