The Talkshop Gurukula Course

The Gurukula Program

The Talkshop Gurukula Program is a highly customised one month programme
where each participant manages his or her own learning plan. With a strong
focus on personal and interpersonal skills as well as  Learning to Learn, participants spend more than 75% of their time on field-based projects and only a maximum of 25% in classrooms, which include project presentations and discussions. Anchored
by Dr Mathai Baker Fenn, built into the program, there are many hours of work with a life-coach aimed at facilitating personal growth and mastery. During the program the participants are provided with a living environment designed for simple living.
The program aims at increasing the participants’ personal productivity by providing a combination of Activity Based Learning and Mentorship. The conceptual learning is managed by the participants themselves,
based on its relevance to their personalized Learning Plan. The program
does not have standardized tests and assessment is optional, and is done through a 360 degree evaluation of their work from various stakeholders. The assessment is part of the feedback process and is also customized to each participant
and each project. Through the program, each participant builds a portfolio
with relevant samples of actual work done rather than its assessment alone.
The course aims to develop a specific  set of competencies for each participant based on that person’s needs.

Participants can spend the one month doing one or more of the following.

  1. Explore Philosophy – Kerala is the home of Shankaracharya and Sri Narayana Guru, among other philosophers.
  2. Explore Wellness – Kerala is known for its Ayurveda (translated as the sciences of well-being). Spend a month exploring the philosophy and practice behind Ayurveda
  3. Explore Kerala’s Culture and History- The program is designed and facilitated by social scientists. Get up-close and personal with Kerala.
  4. Spend time to contemplate a mid-career shift.
  5. Improvise, Create and Explore using fine arts and performing arts.
  6. Get to know yourself better.
  7. Simply have a fun time.

The program is still in the pre-launch phase. For more information, contact mathai at thetalkshop dot in