What We Do

At the heart of everything we do lies a creative process – a  reinterpretation of things to shed new light on them. The process is best explained through the following metaphor.

Our experiences of life are like an assorted box of beads. Though the box does not contain every single type of bead, it has a very wide variety.  As we go through life we create a narrative …. of who we are…stringing together carefully chosen beads using a narrative (story) for a string. It is upto us to decide the pattern of the necklace and hence decide which bead goes where. If we don’t like the pattern we can always break up the string and start all over again.” – Mathai Baker Fenn, Chief Story Teller, The Talk Shop

In short, how you perceive your life, your life problems, situations, your future, and relationships are not objective truths out there, but what you create out of a select few of our significant experiences. The advantage of this is that, it’s possible to recreate, re-modify and change what exists, to make a ‘new necklace’. Putting together one’s life-story in a new way can help us to see ourselves in a new light, to find new meaning, happiness and impact.

The process is not as easy as it sounds and resistance is met every step of the way. But at the Talkshop we help you to restructure your story…whether it is about yourself or about things that you care about.