What can you do at the Talkshop?

  1. Come visit our Cafe, Food for Thought (FFT). If you are the type of person who visits a cafe to learn something new, for good conversation, then Food for Thought is the place for you. You can either come with your friends or come and make new ones. For a one time cover charge you can enjoy FFT for the whole day. (Opening Soon)
  2. Discuss and get feedback for your projects whether they are creative art works or a commercial project.
  3. Explore your passion in greater depth. If you want to learn more about a topic, try out social experiments… find like minded people and resources at The Talk Shop
  4. Be better prepared for a career choice, explore if you really want to do a Ph.D.
  5. Take a Knowledge Tour, explore a new place in depth. See a familiar place through fresh eyes.
  6. Sign up for a course- to explore a topic you always wanted to, whether it is Psychology, Holistic Health, Philosophy or Travelling .
  7. Volunteer for some of our exciting research projects or design one of your own with our help.
  8. Learn interesting and useful skills like bird-watching, philosophy, art appreciation, etc