How We Do It

At the Talkshop Academy we have a variety of programs that help you to re-think your story. Each of them uses a variety of ways to communicate with the audience. What is more important, they are not designed and delivered by boring experts with a Ph.D. They anchored by extra-ordinary people who have a passion. They are based on the  Five Principles of Transformational Education.

In today’s information age, information is available on your mobile at the tap of a finger. Under the circumstances the role of the educators are also changing. They are no longer the custodians of knowledge, instead they are expected to be curators. 

Our programs include the following:

  1. Conversations are short program that range from half a day to a couple of days. They are intended to help you explore a topic or a new way of looking at an old one.
  2. Our Tours are field experiences that are also valuable learning experiences.
  3. Our Courses are organised in collaboration with the participants themselves and offer a variety of ways in which you can explore any topic in-depth.
  4. Our Research wing explores topics that are of relevance today. Our focus is not so much on sophisticated research methods for validation, as it is on the phenomena and its relevance to society.